Sunday, 5 August 2012

Send for my time travel device!

I think it's fair to say that i have a slight mad woman obsession with colour at the moment. (this is separate to my future mad woman obsession with cats, but that's a whole new bag of snakes!) I'm half way through creating a collection of statement necklaces based on bright tropical colour combinations and geometric shapes. It turns out that it's really difficult to find actual fabric to match the colour combinations that i have in my head. I have a real thing with mint green and coral at the moment (as you can see from my mini sale shopping trip below!) and any neon colour combinations that really shouldn't sit well together, but some how look awesome with one another anyway.

Barry M nail paint in '304 mint green' and necklace from New Look.

Here's a little sneak peek at what colour combinations i've been working with so far. I feel like i'm looking for inspiration everywhere at the moment: magazines, people in the street, music, the list goes on. I think that now i've finally really put my mind into what i'm trying to achieveI've become a bit obsessed by it!

Since I've been working my day job part time and working on my handmade business part time, I've recently come to realise how much time i actually waste. When i was working my day job full time, i swear when i was standing there wishing that i wasn't there 80% of the time, i could have thought of a million things i could have been doing instead of being there, but now i do have the time, i can't believe how much procrastinating i do! It's much harder than i originally thought to organise myself and use my time wisely. However, i do think that Google and Etsy should take prime responsibility for the majority of my faffing time. I stand guilty of whiling away many an hour trawling Etsy for unique iphone covers and the amount of hours i've lost in my lifetime from searching for cats with funny faces on Google quite frankly is embarrassing. 

I feel this week is the start of a new and less half-arsed me. I WILL get organised, i WILL plan ahead and i SHALL prevail! Just watch my 80s-style Filofax of constant to-do lists grow with each detailed daily plan and meticulous creative skills! No longer will i long for that imaginary time machine to turn up on my doorstep each day, nope, as of today (well maybe tomorrow!) i am a newly improved organisation machine of a woman. Well, perhaps not that extreme, but i promise i will improve upon my slackness of current weeks and prioritise the important things properly.

However, during my journey through procrastination cyberspace, i have come across a few inspirational snippets on my travels. I will leave you now with a few photos and links to what's been inspiring my geometric obsessions this week. Enjoy!

Geometric Art by Andy Gilmore

A dreamy print by Jane Rovers on Etsy:

 Love this iphone4 case by Hand Mad Shop on Etsy: