Monday, 23 July 2012

Let's start at the beginning...

It's always so hard to start something new, isn't it? Beginning something new is always the hardest part, whether it's a new project or visiting a new place or meeting new people for the first time. Once you've got the initial beginning part over and done with, you look back and wonder what on earth you were making such a fuss about. 

Well, this blog is a very good example of this, it's been on the cards for weeks (well, more like months if i'm being totally honest!) I feel like I've been thinking about it and meaning to get around to it for ages. So, I should probably get past the start and get on with telling you a little bit about myself, this blog and the birth of 'Lovertron'. Here goes...

Ever since i was a little girl i've always loved making things. Back in the glory days of being a 90s child i would watch 'Art Attack' and attempt to make everything good old Neil could throw at me. Before the days of recycling bins, there was my mum's cupboard under the stairs. Anything cardboard, anything plastic, anything not bolted to the floor was a potential toilet roll tube monster to be painted or a future 'Tracy Island' to be paper mached.  At an early age (due to some rather creative grandparents with the patience of saints) i learnt how to knit, how to sew and i was obsessed with drawing. 

As i got into my teenage years this all appeared to go out the window in favor of nail varnish, boys and terrible music taste. It's only in the last couple of years in my twenties that it's all come back to me again after meeting my current very talented boyfriend. He is a passionate and dedicated musician and after witnessing his creative genius over the first few months of our relationship, i began to question what it was that i was really good at. I knew i'd always been quite creative but had no idea how to channel it or what my passion was.

Even though I'd always like drawing when i was younger, i was never really good enough at it. I'd attempted a graphic design degree a few years ago, but i found it too technical and it was not as hands on as i'd hoped. Upon giving it some thought, i discovered the one thing I've always loved is fashion. I've been expressing myself with clothes, shoes and an alarming amount of vintage costume jewellery for years, but i wasn't sure i had the skills to actually make clothing, (I found patterns really daunting) so that's when i stumbled across the idea of jewellery. I love the way that jewellery can finish off an outfit, anybody can wear it and you can make countless styles and genres. I started dabbling in a few different mediums, but found i really enjoyed working with felt and brightly coloured fabric the most. I knew i wanted to create something original and i started to develop my own style. I loved the feeling of endless possibility and the enormous satisfaction i felt from creating something completely from scratch from nothing but a few scraps of felt, gold plated chain and my imagination. From here i then went on to try my hand at making some vintage fabric cushions and make-up bags too.

The problem was that I was working full time in retail at the time and was feeling completely unfulfilled in my job. I'd just lost all my passion and as the days went on i started to dread it. Don't get me wrong the people i worked with were lovely, but the actual job just wasn't doing it for me anymore. I wanted to stretch my wings and explore my newly ignited creativity and spent most days daydreaming about working for myself. Even though at this point i had opened an Etsy shop and done the odd craft stall, i just didn't have the time whilst working unsociable hours and weekends to throw myself into it properly and make the most of it. It gradually ended up on the back burner as i simply couldn't give it the time it deserved.

Luckily i am now in a new part time job working less hours, with a much less demanding schedule and most importantly i have much more time. I feel like we spend our entire lives wishing for more time, there's just not enough of the stuff!  I am now finally in a position where i can work part time on my new creative project and give it some proper love and affection. 'Lovertron' is still in it's tender beginning stages at the moment, i'm still making the first collection and i want to be 100% happy with it before i go catapulting it out there for the big wide world to see. All i will say for the moment is that Lovertron won't be a wall flower, it will be bold, bright and it will make a statement. It will be made with loads of love, imagination and a hint of attitude. I won't go into the products too much just yet, but this blog is going to be a window into my inspirations, ideas, my progress as my new little creative business comes to life and probably a whole load of me banging on endlessly. I promise that all will become clear over the coming weeks. Enjoy...


  1. Good Luck with your Blog! I'm following now! :D
    Enjoy and magnifies your talent(:
    Regards from Ecuador.


    1. Thanks very much, that's very sweet. :)