Saturday, 19 January 2013

Handmade head wear for frosty days.

Crochet tweedy wool hat by Faun on ASOS Marketplace.

After experiencing freezing, snowy, sub-zero temperatures in Norfolk for the past few days, (and not to mention deadly ice rink pavements) quite frankly i'm bored of wearing the same thing everyday just to dress for warmth. The problem is that i only own one pair of snow worthy boots (these are the only shoe i own with even a teeny tiny bit of grip on the bottom) and I've been wearing the warmest coat i own for the best part of a week now (a faux leopard fur 1960s style beauty that i will probably wear until death). 

Super cute & soft Lowie pixie beanie.

The great thing is that i am indeed as toasty as hell (once i have also added at least five layers of clothing underneath), the bad thing is that the only way i can change my outfit  if i don't want to freeze or use my shoes as involuntary ice skates, is to alternate my hats! However, it wasn't until this week that i noticed the severe hat famine that has been occurring in my wardrobe.

Chunky oatmeal beanie hat by Miss Knit Nat on Folksy.

Have you ever noticed that when you watch old street footage from any era before the 1970s, every person is wearing a hat? There was a time when nobody would leave their front door without wearing one. This always fascinates me and i think it's sad that no one really does hats any more. I just love to see people digging out their favorite head wear in the cold at this time of year!  Even the most hat-phobic of people (there;s probably a medical term for that) can't seem to help themselves as soon as the snow rears it's frosty head! So, after indulging in a little internet window shopping today, i've featured a few of my favorites  Please note that all the lovely items featured in this post are individually handmade by super talented sellers! Go check out the links to their websites and support these awesome small businesses.

The gorgeously bright apricot bow hat by Simple Smiles on Etsy.

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