Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Queen of Procrastination

There comes a time when you can procrastinate no longer. No matter how hard you stare at it, that fridge isn’t going to spontaneously fill itself with food (my god, wouldn't that be amazing?!), that ever expanding teetering mountain of laundry isn't going to get all Houdini on you and vanish into thin air over night and that ugly dress / too short pair of jeans / charity shop tshirt / …....... (insert ill fitting clothing item here) that you've been thinking of customising for three years isn't going to be busting it's arse onto the runway at London Fashion Week any time this century, if you don't pull your finger out.

It is time, my dear readers, for me to heed my own advice, for I am the Queen of Procrastination and the Master of ''I'll do it tomorrow.” As I sit here writing this, I have managed to cut my fringe, give myself a manicure (added procrastination points for invaluable nail varnish colour choosing minutes), wash the dishes and dry the dishes (I HATE drying the dishes!), tidy my bedroom in a half-arsed fashion and re-arrange my bookshelf. Who knew I could be so productive around the house just by giving myself a blog deadline today?

I am a classic run-before-i-can-walk crafter. I have big ideas and lots of them, but I want them to happen now. I get so excited and so bogged down in my own day dream fantasy of my future handmade mini empire that sometimes I forget that it's not going to happen over night and if I don't sit and meticulously plan and categorically work my arse off towards my goals then i'll still be sitting here this time next year reading another beautifully styled craft book, drooling over another photo of someone else's awe inspiring studio space, furrowing, as I wonder where the time has gone.

I feel inspired and refreshed after the Christmas holidays (on second thoughts, that may still be the lingering sugar rush of 20 strawberry creams still coursing through my veins...) and I have read enough fabric printing, hand making and new business starting books to start my own library. I have the passion, the product ideas, the goals and most importantly the slightly obsessive dream to grow my little business and to make it into something that i'm really proud of. I've learnt a lot from my mistakes over the first few months of starting Lovertron and from taking part in my first craft fairs, but i've also taken an insane amount of pleasure from the things i've done right. (There is no better feeling than seeing someone wearing and enjoying your lovingly handmade goods)

Another thing i've learnt is to be true to the brand and my personal style and not to feel pressured by others. At the end of the day your business is your baby and it's totally and only down to you if it sinks or swims and quite frankly I've not got any plans to get all titanic on you all just yet.

So while procrastination is generally frowned upon, it's not worth beating yourself up over (I'd say it's an under rated pastime) Sometimes getting your head together or having a few hours of creative thinking time (even if this does involve having a facial / manicure / tattoo) is probably just what you need to get out of that creative rut and stop that Titanic sinking feeling. (Leonardo Dicaprio not included...)

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